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About the Karma Exchange


An online community devoted to the giving of good will without expectation of reciprocation.


To increase the overall happiness of the World by giving people more opportunities to do nice things for more people, more often.


A World where people do nice things for one another without prejudice, expectation, or obligation.


  • Because society, politics, and pop culture have made us hard, cold, suspicious, and guarded.
  • Because the Internet can be such a nasty place.
  • Because our children don't play in the street any more.
  • Because we all lock our doors and have alarm systems.
  • Because so many of us don't know our neighbours.
  • Because bad things make the news.
  • Because together, we can make more good things happen.
  • Because we have nothing to lose by trying and so much to gain!

Karma Exchange Token #1

Thank you to everyone who participated in our launch party. Below is a scan of Karma Token #1, the first Karma token of the Karma Exchange signed by everyone who was at the launch. Hey, you never know, one day it might be a collectible.